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  • Building and construction
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  • Hygiene products and baby diapers
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Testimonials from our customers

SPEED TRADERS COMPANY stands out for the ease of communicating the information, the professionalism of its salespeople and for their sound advice.

M. Mohamed K.

It has already been several months since our company collaborates closely with SPEED TRADERS COMPANY, we find that your method of working is very professional. We salute your respect and courtesy as well as the quality of your products. We are very pleased to be one of your partners and hoping to be the representative of your brand in our country in the future.

M. Mahamadou S.

We appreciate the promptness and the fluidity in the exchanges and especially the prices compared to the quality of the products which allow us to face the aggressive competition. With SPEED TRADERS COMPANY, we intend to undertake more

M. Ndepa B.

SPEED TRADERS COMPANY is a trusted partner. At its head Mr. Makni, who always demonstrates professionalism and efficiency, which makes the realization of operations easier. I would like to thank him particularly for his collaboration.

M. Majid S.

SPEED TRADERS COMPANY is a company that we can rely on. Its reactivity plays a crucial role in the success of each operation. SPEED TRADERS COMPANY takes care of our interests.

M. Ilyes K.